Do-si-Dos Marijuana Strain


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6 reviews for Do-Si-Dos

  1. Lamar

    This strain should be grown indoors, that was the only fault that produced seeds as a novice grower. You smoke this, and you’ll be so damn locked.

  2. Natalie

    Great body high & definitely will put you couch locked. Doesn’t do very much in the way of relaxing mentally, though. Definitely recommend for pain control, but not my go to for relaxation.

  3. willy

    I couldn’t believe that this strain has been on the shelf so long, hell I’m still sittin on a half. But people this is a most excellent indica strain, that is potent, good tasting, and very available. These are some great buds.

  4. fendy

    before I tried it, I hadn’t smoked for months, so my tolerance kinda went down.

  5. francis

    Picked up a moon rock of Do Si Dos and it was pretty nice rolled up into a joint! 5/5 on the relaxation effect. I’m still attached to the couch. I liked the flavor but it didn’t remind me of anything specific.

  6. Pat

    This is a great strain. Should be recommended to stoners

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