GMO Cookie Marijuana Strain


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7 reviews for GMO Cookies

  1. Mason

    Absolutely LOVE this strain.

  2. helgar

    Definitely on my list of top strains that I smoke. It should smell like garlic. Like a bulb of garlic. That’s the intense smell that you’re looking for.

  3. smoke

    Great taste! Gets you stupid stoned but not tired! I love this strain. I just got it from Blue Ridge wellnes center. 36% thc this time!

  4. alen

    instant favorite. quick head high that slowly passes through your body. clearing your mind and putting you at ease. euphoric, tastes good and lastes

  5. ganferr

    Got a quarter pound not knowing how effective this would be. I use it to help sleep at night and this strain specifically will knock you out in a matter of minutes if you give it a chance. That being said, there is still a calming nature to it.

  6. darlington

    very dank. lots of munchies.

  7. 911

    This shit has me dummy geeked. Get this beautiful strain ASAP

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