London Poundcake Marijuana Strain


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6 reviews for London Poundcake

  1. Menanc

    Very Cerebral high. Does not take long to kick in. And helps with headaches.

  2. Arnold

    Holy shit this is good. More of a head high so your body doesn’t feel as heavy but you’ll be feeling a bit slow. But holyshit this relaxed me to the max, cleared my mind and I could focuson one thing at a time and indulge init.

  3. fireman

    Put me down hard. As a several times daily user, this hit me good. bought more.

  4. floyd

    Flower is dense and sticky. Great nose to it. The batch I got seems to be lacking in the flavor department but, not enough for me to not want to get it again.

  5. Zoma

    indica for sure , has that Platium taste but sweet smell , Feeling pretty relaxed

  6. sandra

    1 bowl in and I’m laid back, smiling at my tv:) definitely a nighttime strain. Tastes amazing and and hits hard!

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