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Pure Live Resins


  • Deserving of all the hype, GMO (aka Garlic Cookies) is one of the heaviest hitting Indica hybrids available, eclipsing the sedating effects of even some of the strongest pure Indica’s. The funky, full flavor of garlic, coffee, and sweet cookies coupled with its intense high makes GMO the top choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Taste Profile: Garlic, Coffee, Cookies

  • Effect Profile: Calming, Creative, Sleep inducing

  • Lineage: Cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg



Pure Live Resins, Hand crafted and hedonistically heavy, Pure Live Rosin by Heavy Hitters puts flavor at the forefront and solvents completely out of the question. Packed with a robust terpene profile and full spectrum cannabinoids, each cartridge captures the unique characteristics of its strain, leading to a euphoric, flower-like experience. THC Carts France

Pure Live Rosin is sourced from California’s finest premium flower fresh frozen at peak maturity, extracted using all-natural processes (into five and six star ice water hash), hand pressed, and expertly decarbed. The result is a small batch, terpene-rich oil with exceptional taste.  buy kush online uk

Hit low and slow, using the low (blue light) setting on the Heavy Hitters Variable Battery.

Available as a Single 1 Gram 510 Thread Cartridge

Pure Live Resins