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Kingpen Cartridge


Our Kingpen oil goes through a proprietary 10 step extraction process, 4x distilled (2x the industry standard), to produce the purest cannabis oil on the market. No PG,VG, PEG or other additives. Just the highest quality distillate cartridges for the highest quality high.

Flavors you will get:


Banana Sherbet


Blue Dream

King Louis Og

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 Kingpen Cartridge For Sale USA

Kingpen was founded in 2014 and started out as one of California’s first high potency oil cartridges. Most
recently, Kingpen expanded into 2 new product categories. Kingpen Royale is a 100% live resin 0% distillate vape
cartridge and Kingrolls are our wild high potency kief coated pre-rolls that are infused with Kingpen’s award-winning
cannabis oil. Kingpen products are made at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure complete quality control. From start
to finish, Kingpen’s quality standards have never changed.

Kingpen Vape Carts

Kingpen has always been a brand made for smokers by smokers. In 2014 the founders of Greenwolf, LA’s most acclaimed dispensary established King pen when they saw that pure, potent, and consistent products were absent in the vape cartridge market.



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